Wild Force Protein and Greens Testimonials


Wild Force Super Plant Protein

Deric M

The Wild Force Super Plant Protein has changed my life completely: I used to be a low energy, “get tired by 2pm” dad that would struggle to find energy by the end of the day. This mixture has empowered me to be a more energetic dad, to do better at my career, still have energy by 8-9pm at night, and it’s improved my health considerably. I’m not saying this magically cured all of my negatives in my body, but now my body is much more balanced and healthy. I feel much better as a person. My mental health has never been better. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I literally owe you a HUGE thank you for making my life better.

Gabriala Brown

Your Super Plant Protein powder and Green Formulas are beyond fantastic! I opened the bag of protein powder and smelled it and was instantly in love. I’m addicted to the protein powder and suddenly don’t want to eat food. The Green Formula KILLS the appetite and gives a steady source of energy. After only three days I ordered another set of protein and greens because I’m afraid to be without it. Autoship is awesome, thank you for all you do!


Mark Rubino

This by far the best and most efficacious protein powder I have ever purchased. Trust me it is well worth every penny. Thanks for making this available.


Just got mine yesterday this stuff no joke. Powerful! God bless you, sir.

Stacey Burgess

I got my order today, thank you! The protein powder tastes amazing! All I could smell was durian, yum! I just mixed it with coconut water, AMAZING! Yum I can’t wait to put it into smoothies.

Shannon Cox

Just received our Plant Protein & Wild Plant Greens. Tastes delicious in a smoothie! It’s an incredible formula.

Heyward Boyce

I can’t even begin to describe what this tastes like.

Annet Vanb

I just want to thank you for sharing your protein powder with us It is sooooooo good You are right it IS the Rolls Royce of protein powders! I LOVE it! I blend two nectarines with 1/2 liter coconut water and two tbsp of your protein powder, soooo good I can live just of this stuff. Don’t need anything else!

Redstrom Fitness

I’m having amazing gains in the first quarter. I’m 55 years old and someone asked me the other day if I was in my mid 30s Ha ha. Love it! Thank you!

Gracie Decker

This stuff is INSANE! I’ve never had Durian so the taste was a bit overwhelming at first. This protein powder is unbelievable. It keeps you so full! I can take two scoops of this and bike 30 + miles without burnout or hunger. I had pretty good skin to begin with, but it is simply radiant now! I was born with a receding hairline above my temples and it has filled completely in! I have never felt so good in my entire life. I feel like the energizer bunny! And you don’t get any sort of crash from this. I’ve actually cut back on the money I spend for groceries. I thrive on this stuff, and my body doesn’t ask for much more. I take this and the greens now and I will take them as long as you offer them!

Claudia James

For years I was fighting neck and shoulder pain with crazy migraine like headaches and high anxiety. Every single time I went to the doctor they took an X-ray and RXd muscle relaxer, pain killers, steroids and sometimes Xanax. The meds brought temporary relief but no healing, and a few weeks later I was back to the same pains and aches again. I have to mention, I never was a big meat eater in my 40 something years, and the past 6 years I was pretty much only plant based. I started using your protein powder, the pains and aches described above were GONE within 1 week, I could not believe it. When I researched protein deficiency on the internet, I was surprised to find the exact same symptoms I had on all MD sites but my doctors did not pick up on it. I can only speak good things about your protein powder. I use it every AM w/ almond milk (from your UnCookbook recipe), bananas, and various of fruits and it changed my life. Another positive I got from your powder was no more extensive hair loss! I can’t believe how strong and healthy my hair became since. I recommend it to anyone out there who want to change their life! Thank you for all the awesome stuff you put on the market!

Mieke de G., the Netherlands

I cannot begin to tell you how much your green and protein formulas do for me. I feel different, more calm, far less stressed, I have unexpected nice conversations with people I meet in the street. I feel more at ease with life’s challenges, I have far less sugar cravings. Thank you so very much!

Jessie TheAxe

You were right. Your protein formula is as effective as beef for my post concussive syndrome symptom management! The results have been amazing! I guess raw-vegan works for a meat eater like me. It’s time I make the switch.


Catherine Chenery

You can search high and low to find a plant protein powder like this one but you won’t find anything like it. It would take 1/2 hour to articulate the benefits of each ingredient!

Caroline Thompson

You delivered the BEST with this product. I can FEEL it energizing me and satisfying my cravings! I added pineapple and banana plus almond milk and raw lavender honey! YUM!


Wild Force Greens Formula

Gabriala Brown

Markus, your Super Plant Protein powder and Green Formulas are beyond fantastic! I opened the bag of protein powder and smelled it and was instantly in love. I’m addicted to the protein powder and suddenly don’t want to eat food. The Green Formula KILLS the appetite and gives a steady source of energy. After only three days I ordered another set of protein and greens because I’m afraid to be without it. Autoship is awesome, thank you for all you and beautiful Cara do!


To anyone that is debating on buying the Green Formula, PURCHASE IT NOW! I’ve only been using it for about 2 weeks, and I have noticed a DRAMATIC change in my body already. I have also purchased other products, but this one by far is a LIFE CHANGER for me, and my family. THANK YOU, and please do not stop offering these products!

Jimmie Cox

WOW! I have taken all type of supplements and found the benefit to be little or none. My family errs on the side of not taking very much and just eating healthy here in Thailand. However I must write this testimonial to tell you your green formula as it had an impact on our family. It makes us feel more alive and energized. Even my four-year-old daughter loves it. My wife has found it handy when she does not feel 100% and takes a little teaspoon to help along the healing process. Thank you very much for creating this amazing product.

Candie LaSala

My family suffers from diabetes and an inherited disease call Huntingston’s disease which is pretty darn close to Parkinson’s disease; both are a nervous system disease. I started to notice that my body would twitch involuntarily and that I was having memory loss. I was so scared that this was the start of bad things to come so I started to research and started taking your powders and it wasn’t until last night that I was looking up all the ingredients in your wild force powder that I found you put Hu Zhang ( Japanese knotweed) in it, which helps with Parkinsons disease and memory loss and the nervous system. And it was at that moment when I realized that the twitching in my body that I was experiencing had completely diminished. Along with that my memory has also improved along with so many things that were going on. I’m no longer in fear of my future. I can’t say enough about how it has changed my life so far and I’ve only just finished my first containers. A sincere thank you!

Arjun Ramesh

I’ve been in India for the past week, visiting family. I took your Green Formula with me and it’s absolutely delicious! TSA gave me quite a hassle about it and ran it through the X-Ray/radiation chamber twice, so, total, it got X-rayed 4 times, with the stop in Hong Kong and India being the other two. When I am not able to find 100% organic raw vegan produce here, I am able to take your drink and love how much energy I get from it. It literally lasts me all day! My family is really surprised how I’m like the Energizer bunny now. Ha ha!

Jon Lowell

Loving the new product line. We feel it at a cellular level bud. Its amazing and decreases appetite. Are you sure this stuff is legal? Love you bud!

Kjetill Moberg

I now take the green and protein, and I love it. I work out for my 500km walk . Last week I walked 7 hours, and the whole day I lived on only 1 scoop greens, 2 scoops protein, 100g of chashews, 1 dl olive oil, 2 Apples and a carrot, and still I felt greeeeat. No sore mucles the next day either, and also my wife has started using your products, and also feels great thank you my friend, for making the world a better place for all of us. You have given me a new life my friend.


My girlfriend and I are on our 5th order! Amazing stuff!

Anthony M

I started taking this (WildForce) product to get some wild food factors into my body and I never could have predicted how good the results would be! I’ve been going through deep detox and regeneration and my brain function is healing… Thank you!

Sheila Myotte

Love, Love, Love your wild green formula! Thanks!


I am a Type 1 diabetic and received two bottles of your new Wild Force Green Formula, and I have to say that after three days, I am already impressed, with my energy given my lack of sleep, but more important to me is that is does not raise my blood sugar as other green products have in the past several years. I am so thankful for your work and all that you share. Much love and gratitude.


I Love it! It tastes really good! I can feel an energy to this drink! I feel kind of a buzz in my body & it feels great! Wow, this stuff is amazing! It must be the Wild Force in it because I feel it! I only took 1 TB, too, because it was late in the day, but just think what it will do when I take 2 TB tomorrow! Wow! My Body is still buzzing all over, too, & it hasn’t gone away. I feel it all over my body (my hands, arms, back, legs, feet & even in my face & ears & nose &). It feels really GOOD! LOL. I can really feel the energy of this drink. I have tried lots of green drinks from most of the people who sell the top brands in the health food business & I have never had anything like this! Markus, has done a fantastic job of making this Life Force drink! He really did name it well because that’s what it is. I know it’s going to help me start to get lots of energy, too! It’s relaxing, too, though, at the same time. You feel calm, but Energized! I absolutely LOVE this feeling it gives me! Wow, it’s hard to describe it, though, because You just have to experience it! I hope You get to enjoy this amazing drink soon!

Annet Vanb

I just received your WildForce Green Formula, I LOVE it! It tastes sooooo good. Thank you for creating and selling it. It’s even better then I expected. Lots of love!

Angela Roberts

I didn’t know all the extra extra good stuff that is in your Green Formula! NOW that I can see all the awesome, amazing, incredibly-super-healthy ingredients, I am going to make sure not to miss a day of taking it from now on! WHY didn’t you tell me? It was helping me the days and months I did take it but now we will see how much more it can help me get stronger and better from Muscular Dystrophy! I will let you know! Add, for all who don’t know, this stuff tastes great!

Irma Romano

I bought your WildForce Green formula for my car accident injuries and healed in three weeks from soft tissue pain. I just got your protein formula and plan on getting other stuff you make. This car accident is expanding my energy and has made me want to create a place of real healing somewhere with all the best wisdom and practices like in the movie Sacred Science. I know exactly why I incarnated here at this time. Thanks for being such a great Source of high vibrational energy, and helping so many. I send you all my heart warmth gratitude today.


I’ve been using the WildForce Greens formula for about two weeks and it’s awesome…and it didn’t take very long to get to me in Canada. 🙂

Suzan Howell

I have been taking your WildForce Greens, and I love them. I have more energy, and I am not as hungry.

Kyle Lauatamus

I received your green formula, and it’s by far the best tasting green drink I’ve had so far.

Theo Wallace

I just wanted to let you know that I was lucky enough to get in on the first batch/release. I’m about a third of the way through my jar and LOVE it, hence the 2nd order. I will wait patiently for the next batch and stretch this jar out as far as I can. Thank you for creating such an awesome product – this is the best green powder I have ever tried! Keep shining your beautiful light.


Thanks. I’m so thankful for this product, all your others and all your videos. I love watching them! You are such an inspiration in all you do! I believe in eating just like you do. I can’t wait to try all your products and am so glad you have the bodybuilding products which will help in my exercise and weight program.

Charlotte Garland<

I love your wild greens I have lost 15 lbs since starting using it. It takes away my appetite and I have endless energy. Cant wait to try your new products!

Aviva Eagle

I order the Green formula every month. I’m not on a diet and I’m losing weight. That never happened before. It’s great! You are such an amazing gift to this world. Thank you for your inspiration. Much love to you. XO

Shannon Cox

Just received our Plant Protein & Wild Plant Greens. Tastes delicious in a smoothie! It’s an incredible formula!


I had prostate pain, chest pain, and back flank pain every day for a month and ordered some of the Super Wild Green powder. Within 3 days all the pain went away. Great stuff.

Bhawna Gera

Your green formula is awesome!

Thomson Shellie

I’ve been drinking the green formula for a week now, but noticed…noticeable results the first day, more energy, and the other is “frustrating” it puts you in the mood, was not expecting that one. I almost resent how well that is working now. Ha ha. Thank you for a superior drink.

Shirley Werner

‪This is the best greens formula I have EVER used. Thank you for such a TOP NOTCH product.


I have taken all kinds of supplement and vitamins over the past years and I have to say that this is the one I will never be without. I feel so good and now my other herbs and such are just collecting dust 😀

Bryan Dudás

Thank you for such a wonderful product of the Green Formula. I have been using it while up in Canada working on the helicopter and it has been great using when fresh groceries aren’t available during our long 16 hr work days. I will definitely be buying more.

Kjetill Moberg

I walked 465km across Norway in 7,5 days living off your green powder and protein powder, some nuts, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 tablespoon Udos oil. I was walking around 70km a day and was out on the road 12-14 journalist a day. I was full of energy all day long. And now as I look at it, the body don’t need much as long as it is the right stuff. This really open my eyes my friend.

MD Life

I love this. This summer I’ve been traveling. Three countries so far. I have the green drink and plant protein travel packs in my suit case. I’ve got 30 day supply of each. I’m glad I do. On many days when I am in a hurry I mix a green drink with water. It’s working just as I hoped.