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I am so fortunate to have found IntraMax. I first started taking IntraMax about 2 years ago. Within just a few weeks, I felt more energy and felt alert. With continued use, I noticed my skin had become clearer and flawless. My dull shedding hair even looked healthy and thicker. I was very excited about IntraMax and began recommending it to friends and family. I feel so great since starting IntraMax and can actually feel it helping my body. I feel stronger & vibrant. I no longer look and feel weak and sickly. It has helped strengthen my immune system and helped with my overall well being. IntraMax tastes great and is truly a great product. I’ve tried many products in my life and I most definitely believe that IntraMax is the best!

Josephine Tomaselli
Brooklyn, NY

Dear Dr. Mike,

Just wanted to give you an update on things around here.

As you may remember, a couple of months ago I contacted you regarding my pet squirrel, Buddy. He was having terrible seizures, and we actually thought we were going to lose him one day when he went from seizure to postictal state to seizure to postictal state for almost 24 hours continuously (March 17). I had tried all the animal minerals and vitamins I could find, and he wouldn’t take them. (He didn’t want sand in the bottom of his formula bowl!) That was the point I found your vitamin/mineral supplement, intraKID. We started Buddy on the intraKID as soon as it arrived. Not only does he absolutely love it (he drinks it from an eyedropper), but he is doing absolutely WONDERFULLY! He had two very small seizures about a week after he began taking it, and NOTHING since. His energy is amazing. He tickles me to death — doesn’t even want to come into the house at night. His curfew is now 9:00 p.m. Instead of 7:00 p.m. I just can’t slow him down. I truly feel you have saved Buddy’s life. For that I am very grateful, as I adore my little Buddy.

WELL, seeing what the intraKID did for Buddy, I decided to see what it was all about. I started on the intraMIN and intraMAX a little over a month ago. YOU CAN’T SLOW ME DOWN! I have more energy than I’ve had in 15-20 years. It’s truly unbelievable. I’ll admit, I’m not one to keep up with pills (I’m a lousy patient), but taking my vitamins and minerals is no problem at all. I look forward to it. My husband, Gene, has been telling his clients that “Jeanne can’t even sit down anymore!” Of course, the conversations always start with “How is Buddy doing?” Then that leads him to the intraKID, which leads him to me.

Thank you once again for being there for us, and, of course, most of all, for saving my Buddy’s life!

Jeanne Buchanan
Tulsa, OK

I just want to say how much Intramax has made a difference in my life. I have had NO migraines (am a sufferer for 20 years), no dizziness on my menses (have fallen from spells), and have a regular digestive system for the first time in my life. I am grossly impressed and completely amazed by this product, and will never look back or use any other. I’m convinced that it has made a substantial and significant improvement in my overall well-being. Dr. Roth provides so much knowledge, support, and passion on the product, and will be my lifelong source in providing my need for Intramax! Thanks SOOO much!!!

Jeanna Cook
San Antonio, TX

Dear Dr. Roth

I would like to thank you very much for your prompt attention to my order. I can’t recall ever getting such fast and efficient service.

Del Weikel

Our daughter Rachel, who is a medical assistant, introduced us to IntraMax. She was very concerned about my husband Danny’s lack of energy due to chemo treatment for leukemia. This is the ONLY supplement that he has taken that makes a real difference in his energy level on a daily basis. Thank you, Dr. Mike for providing this life enhancing formula, you’ve made a real difference in our lives.

Peggy Walker

I can’t express how thrilled I have been with the results of my Intramax/Intramin program. Before I started taking these supplements three months ago, I had to take at least one anti-depressant per day for chronic anxiety and panic attacks. Within 10 days of starting Intramax and Intramin my panic attacks compJessica_Kozlowski-171x121leted disappeared. I haven’t had to take a Lorazepam tablet for anxiety in over two months. Dr Mike, thank you SO MUCH for providing these life changing products to the public.

J. Kozlowski
Orlando, FL


I have been researching online the subjects of Vaccinations and Autism, due to my grandson’s reactions to vaccines and the resulting outcome of his latest vaccine on Sept. 4, 2007.

My grandson Baby Landin, had his last vaccination at age one year. (And yes it will be his LAST vaccination because over my dead body will he get any more.) He suffered high fevers, seizures, swelling and pain at the injection site, inability to maintain his balance while attempting to walk, continually falling down, and broke out in a severe rash all over his body. His continual crying alone would tell anyone that he was suffering immensely, but his pediatrician dismissed all of these symptoms and my daughter’s concerns. After all of this, he still insisted on continuing vaccinations, therefore my daughter took her son to another doctor who realized that Baby Landin had suffered severe damages and therefore should not receive any further vaccines

Thankfully, we have had success in reversing some of these problems by giving Baby Landin an organic nutritional product designed for children called “IntraKid”, and additional Magnesium stopped the seizures. From the condition he was in the results were remarkable, however he still has serious problems, especially in his language development. He stopped his “jibberjabbering” baby talk, words, and animal sounds that we were teaching him. Sadly he has not even used the word “Mama” anymore, as he did daily prior to the last vaccination. Although his irritability and mood improved greatly on the Intra-Kid multi vitamin mineral product, he discontinued the hugs and kisses that we had so much enjoyed with him prior to the last vaccination. Since he also discontinued his interest in food, thankfully the Intra-Kid wasproviding nutrition that he desperately needed.

Evelyn Grady
St. Charles, MO

Hello Dr. Mike,

I just wanted to drop you a line about Intramax and how we are using it.

I was taking some high quality supplements before in liquid capsule form. I had great results but experienced either a drop in resistance or temporary depression (mild) when I missed taking them for a couple days. Since taking Intramax, I don’t see that sort of change if I missed taking it and the dosage is much less than when I was taking pill or capsule forms. We ran out of the supplements my wife was taking still and I shared my Intramax with her and she experienced a lift in energy and general well being. Now she is taking it regularly as well. My sister has been going through tough times lately and has lessened appetite and depression. We have been buying her bottles and I believe she is being “built up” again.

Updated testimonial:

Hi Dr. Mike,

Got to say a BIG THANKS for developing INTRAMAX. Such a Comprehensive Product to cover all my needs & Steve_20Pinkus-114x165MORE. Now a couple years of using Intramax as a fundamental facet in my Healthcare & whole foods Lifestyle, I feel the compliment is a successful one.

I consistently feel “Well” vs many, many of the old Sluggish Steve days. A great plus are the mini size bottles so I can take such on Travel to keep my Chemistry dialed in. Extra happy now as I just hit the “lost 35Lbs” mark so SUPER BUENO and only 15Lbs more to get back to the College fighting days.

Steve Pinkus
Huntington Beach, Ca.


You are right. Your product makes a huge difference in my health. After using it for about 7 months I feel great and I want to order 6 more bottles. Thank you!

Dagmar Machan
Congers, NY

Hi Dr Mike,

When I first started taking IntraMax I didn’t notice any profound difference. At the time I was doing a lot of heavy metal chelation IV therapy so I felt pretty lousy most of the time. But I kept taking the IntraMax because it just felt like the right thing to do.

Then last summer the clinic where I was buying it stopped carrying it. Well I figured I could just find a suitable substitute at the health food store so I bought a much cheaper multi-mineral/vitamin liquid supplement and tried it. It tasted terrible and made my stomach ache. Then I tried another liquid supplement that tasted better. Then I found youroffer for IntrMax on the Internet and decided to go back to taking it.

Once I started taking IntraMax again after not taking it for several months I really noticed a big effect. My energy was much better and I just felt more alive.

Every morning now I really look forward to taking my dose of IntraMax. It tastes so good and it just naturally puts a smile on my face. Thanks Dr Mike!

Sarah B
Albuquerque, NM

After yeaKathyAdis-300-100x162rs of searching for “just the right daily vitamin”, I became frustrated with all the opinions out there and decided to Google search organic multi-vitamins. My quest ended when IntraMAX popped up on the screen and I read about this amazing product. Since February of 2007, we have taken our daily shot glass of over 415, 100% organic vitamins and minerals. It’s wonderful to know I can rely on IntraMAX for purity and quality, but I am equally grateful to have a human being standing behind the product. Dr. Mike has always made himself accessible to answer my questions, and best of all, he makes ordering a breeze. It’s the whole package!

Kathy Adis
Golden Colorado

Dear Dr. Mike,

As soon as I started taking the IntraMin, I noticed that I had more energy and felt like my head cleared and I could think more clearly. Thanks.

Kathy E
Garden Grove, CA


I have just recently changed my supplementation to liquid verses pills and caplets. I no longer have that overwhelming heavy feeling when taking my supplements. I have more energy on IntraMax, and believe I have found the right supplement for me and my Husband, Gypzy

Tammy E
Surprise, AZ


Success story…For 3 yrs I had an infection on the right side of my sinus with CONTINUAL drainage. On my first intramax dose, my sinuses turned bright red and it looked like I had red sock on my feet… and then my sinus began to clear. I continued the intramax dosage and to my great appreciation three weeks later when I had an MRI, my sinuses received an all clear, I am grateful for the wellness intramax helped to make my sinuses healthy again. Thank you intramax.

Iron River, MI

In February of 07 it came to my attention that both my parents, who live in New York, several hundred miles from me, their health was on a down hill slide in a bad way. I went to help with my father because he suddenly could not walk one morning. At first the M.D. thought it was a stroke, but that was ruled out. They thought it was muscle weakness and we tried rehab to build muscle. While he was there he became dehydrated and kidneys shut down, he was also dx with dementia. He was unable to control body functions and confused about simple daily activities. He also had a urinary tract infection, he was sent home with a cath and very weak, barely able to walk with a walker. We started him with IntraMin and IntraMax, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Increased the vegetable intake and fruit intake, he was drinking protein and fresh juice.After about one week we saw his mind clearing and he started to regain control of bodily functions. In the next few weeks we seen the appetite improve and better attitude and muscles became stronger.With therapy and continued use of the formula he went from the walker to cane. As he continued to improve we could see more clarity and mindset. By July he was walking without any aids.

Now my mom is a different story, she has a history of heart condition which recently had became a leaky valve. Medical doctors stated the only fix was surgery which they would not do because of her age and other health problems. But after taking both Intramin and Max for approximately five months she went to the heart doctor for a check up. The Dr. stated that she no longer needed an operation the valve is working fine. She had also been receiving iron injections every two weeks never getting a higher number then nine. After the formula she had a count of twelve and no longer needed the injections. Her energy level improved and she no longer relies on her cane for stability. The dark areas on the back of her hands that were formed from free radical damage cleared. We believe that the formulas will continue to improve the health of both my parents and everyone that takes it.

We are thankful for the opportunity to buy it and the advice of Dr. Mike. We know that God had a big hand in the healing also.

Demetrius Cakouros
Rogers, AR

Dear Dr. Mike,

I’m very glad that a friend told me about “Intra-Max” liquid Multi supplement product. The 100% Organic 415 Nutrients all-in one is an excellent way for me to be sure that I’m getting all the neccessary supplements that my body needs. I’ve been in a wheelchair now for three years with a Spinal Cord Injury and my system has become very sensitive. I suffer from chronic nerve pain and digestive complications, and need to be careful to ensure that I take the best possible care of myself. The Intra-Max product has helped me to be more regular and keeps my system running smooth! It also seems to help keep the inflammation down that I suffer from. When I keep on a daily routine of using the product, I notice a consider able difference in how I feel. I’m grateful that it helps me to feel my best and stay strong so that I’m able to paticipate in Marathons with a Handcycle!

Training_for1st_Marathon2009_WPalmBeach-186x127Thank you for providing me with a great product to help improve the quality of my life,

Christine Kent
T-12 Paraplegic
Oakland Park FL



Dr. Mike,

I don’t know if you remember me telling you about Robert’s Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia. He was diagnosed in April of 2008. Shortly after that he started taking intraMax. Then we heard about the Acacia berry from Brazil, so we switched him to drinking Monavie and he started getting really bad nose bleeds. We then switched back to intraMax and his IGM’s have steadily dropped from 3,750 (normal is about 400), to where they are now at 1,135! We sing the praises of intraMax to his cancer Dr. and he tells us “If you want to waste your money on stuff like that – go ahead!” We are still truly grateful to the Dr’s that have taken care of him, but I still am more grateful for learning about intraMax.

I started taking intraMax about a year ago. My cholesterol was at 233 and had been for about 5 or 6 years, I could never get it down. But after intraMax for a year I am at 217!

Thank you sRobert_Sharon_May_002-182x109o much Dr. Mike – I hope you know how much you are appreciated!

Yours truly,
Robert (Don) May
Sharon May


Thank YOU Dr. Mike! Your product is wonderful! I would leave a testimonial but I doubt anyone would believe it. After taking Intramax since June, I’ve worked 174 days in a row…and counting! During the past 26 weeks, I’ve worked an average of 98 hours a week during my ‘streak’. On top of the wonderful energy this product has given me, I’ve lost 30lbs in the past 6 months as well! Now, I know its also will and determination on my behalf, but I’m convinced that theres NO WAY I could do what I’m doing or what I’ve already accomplished without the aide of your product! I swear by intramax and in my opinion its THEE best supplement on this planet! I have recommended it to several people. Thank you very much! I hope you and your family have a great holiday! Take care my friend!

Dan Petersen
Kenosha, WI

photo-121x175photo-1-164x112I wanted to let you know that our baby arrived and was as healthy as can be and in several of the measurements that they showed us she was the best they had ever seen. I sure am glad that we used as intramax for her prenatal vitamin.

Mike Cordogan
Cordova, TN

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