Supplify Testimonials

“Oh my goodness! I love the spicy, earthy flavor of it! Zero digestive upset and my stomach is very sensitive. Great flavor! Great start!”

Sandee Scyoc
Braselton, GA

“This is my new favorite supplement!  I love that it is so easy to add a scoop of this powder to my morning smoothies and get a pure form of so many vitamins and nutrients in one meal.  The taste is refreshing ….I’ve never liked the sweet, fruity taste of other powder supplements.  Supplify has a savory, subtle veggie taste that I really like.  I add fruits and plant milk to my early morning smoothies and feel energetic and full for hours.”      

Darren Shartle
Yoga Instructor
Camp Hill, PA

“I have tried several different “greens” or superfoods and am extremely picky about taste. They either have that phony overly sweet taste or extremely bitter leafy taste. I have been mixing my Supplify with V8 juice. It is a little on the thicker/gritty side for those of you that bother so if it does you could mix it in a small amount and drink fast. It doesn’t seem to bother me. It doesn’t appear to have a sweetness at all. I have a very sensitive stomach and have had zero issues and am hoping that it actually helps with my stomach. I will update my reviews after a few weeks of drinking to see how I feel and if it helps with any of my health issues. My biggest reason for buying is I don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables.”

Update 02/10/20: “While I know this is not what it’s intended for, but if you find something that works, then why not? I replaced my breakfast with this 4 days last week and added 3 thirty minute workouts and I lost 5 pounds. Sometimes you just need that little kickstart to motivate you again. Plus all the amazing health benefits because lord knows I don’t eat the right things to get any of these nutrients. (That’s v8 juice because I don’t like fruit smoothies) “

Amy Hardin
Braselton, GA

Supplify is an excellent product that I take with absolute peace of mind because I KNOW the painstaking effort that Dr. Mike has taken to ensure Supplify is of the highest quality ingredients and is simply the best supplement on the market-PERIOD.   And with Supplify you get not only the best supplement out there but you also get Dr. Mike – someone who returns your calls and is never too busy to listen.   Dr. Mike always makes things right. I trust him completely and I also trust that the Supplify he has formulated is the BEST product on the market today.   By the way, I had a growth on the top of my right foot about the size of a marble. After taking the Supplify for about two weeks I noticed that the growth had gotten smaller. After about another two weeks, the growth was completely gone. I can’t really contribute this healing to anything other than the Supplify. Thank you Dr. Mike for this awesome product.  

Robert Page
Rincon, Georgia  

Hi Dr. Mike,
I just tried the new Supplify [with wild organic blueberry] and it does taste even better!  A little less harsh and a little less peppery. But I enjoy it knowing that it’s so good for me. Thank you for this wonderful product!

Robert Page
Rincon, Georgia

“Even though I believed I was supplementing with the very best for many, many years, the more experience I gained in the field, and the more I learned about supplements and the industry, the more disappointed and disillusioned I became. Not to mention the fact that I still couldn’t find a true 100% organic multi-vitamin that didn’t contain synthetics and really made me feel good. However, knowing how excellent the ingredients are in Supplify, I knew something positive had to occur when I was putting it together. Although I’ve only been taking it for a few weeks, I am experiencing noticeable improvements in my digestion, elimination and overall well-being. The IBS which has plagued me and my family for decades is improving dramatically and I cannot tell you what that means to me! Since nutritional benefits are cumulative, I’m excited about what other advantages I will experience in the coming months!”

Dr. Michael Roth
Braselton, GA

Dr. Mike,

Just a note to let you know that Supplify is a great product. I am 71 and in good health. Through the years I have tried many different supplements and green drink products. Some were good and some not worth the money. Since using Supplify for the past 2 months, I have noticed a significant improvement in the way I feel. Your product is amazing! I no longer use all the capsule supplements I used to use. I use Supplify and wild Alaskan salmon oil. That is all. Thank you so much for Supplify and all your research and time to produce this product.

Bobbye Aiken
Fort Worth, TX

This new Supplify is absolutely nutritious and DELICIOUS 😋  I add strawberries 🍓 🍓 and almond butter.  This superfood has been contributing to the regeneration of my body. I am enjoying one of many positive changes, digestion. 
Thank you so much for a powerful superfood full of awareness and healthier vibes!!!


Eywa Agront
Gurabo, Puerto Rico

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