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Results of my 21 Day IntraMax Cleansing Food Experiment

Hello dear friends!

As we enter into the Spring of 2016, it may be a good time for some spring cleaning, and I don’t mean your house!

It’s exactly what I had in mind 21 days ago as I started a cleansing regimen for my body. I’ll give you the details in a minute, but it’s the first time I’ve been able to complete something like this without cheating at all.

I’ve tried many different routines over the years, and typically, due to an MTHFR mutation, the cleansing process would just be too difficult and I would quit shortly after I got started. Many of you are familiar with the 30 day juice feast that I started a couple of years ago and only made it to day 5 (I felt absolutely horrible after just 1 or 2 days). I was simply detoxing too much too quickly and my body could not shed toxins quickly enough.

This time, I wanted to make sure I was supporting my methylation pathways while my body detoxed naturally, using good foods. I also want to be clear that I was not doing anything specific to detox (no detox formulas, supplements, etc). It was simply eliminating suspected inflammatory foods.

Many of you know that I’ve been dealing with cycling Lyme autoimmune symptoms since 2006. The majority of symptoms have mostly disappeared except for a handful that have either not been eliminated or have worsened considerably; namely, systemic and joint-related arthritis and fibromyalgia. In the last few months, the pain in my neck and head has become increasingly worse. So, my PRIMARY GOAL was to see if eliminating certain foods and eating very healthy ones (including so-called super-foods) would reduce or eliminate this horrible pain.

Since I had mentioned this in my last newsletter and many of you wanted to hear the results, I thought I’d send this out as quickly as possible.

My original intention was to set up a blog and write daily posts, but I simply never got around to it. Hopefully I will have some semblance of blogging in the near future.

Anyway, what follows is a very brief summary of what I did over the last 21 days (which ended yesterday – March 28th), my goals, and what occurred.

It all began on Monday, March 7th.I gave up ALL grains, ALL processed sugars (exception: small amounts of fruit in smoothies 2-3x/wk) and ALL dairy (with the exception of grass-fed butter and very small amounts of raw, aged, unpasteurized organic cheese, which contains little to no lactose).

While this list is not comprehensive, I essentially gave up and did not eat:

Grains: bread, oats, pastas, cakes, pastries, grain bars, muffins, biscuits, pancakes, pretzels, crackers, etc.

Sugar: desserts, ice cream, candy bars, candies, dried fruits, etc.

Dairy: ice cream, milk, yogurt, cream, cheeses of all kinds with above exception.

I also limited my supplementation (including intraMAX for the first 2 weeks, adding it back in the last week with very positive results), allowing my food to be my medicine.

Starting weight 168 lbs. first thing in the morning before showering (meaning no extra clothing weight).
Waist 34.5″

Unless otherwise noted, all foods consumed are certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Summary Results:
As of Monday, March 28th, 2016, the experiment is over. However, I’ve noticed enough positives that I’m going to continue on for the most part (at least 90%) while making certain allowances and occasional healthier indulgences.

During the diet, I was finally able to get the last bit of metal (a nickel crown ) out of my mouth early on in the regimen. I am now metal-free!! Praise the Lord!

I didn’t feel too much difference in the way I felt for most of the experiment. Initially I experienced terrible cravings (sugar, starch) and fatigue/lethargy/feeling sickly) for days 2-4. This dissipated somewhat, but I still felt like I was detoxing pretty heavily, but not enough to stop the diet.

About 16 days into the diet, I felt like I was regressing – I do believe now that it was a retracing event. And, I was very discouraged since I had not improved yet as I had hoped. In fact, I felt worse than when I had started. The overall inflammation that I hoped would improve only worsened, particular this day. I was more fatigued, had some confusion, depression and severe orthostatic hypo-tension (low blood pressure when standing from a squatting, sitting or lying down position) that was present even when not moving. I literally felt like I was dying this particular day. I had much more overall muscle twitching than usual, including my left eye which had started several months earlier.

Day 17 was definitely better in all respects, but I still had a lot of localized inflammation.

At this point I was thinking: “When this thing is over, I might as well go back to eating some of the things I know might not be the best, but that I really enjoy eating: pizza, pasta, desserts, etc.”

But then…something wonderful and very encouraging began to occur at day 19 – the systemic and localized inflammation actually began to significantly decrease. In fact, my low back, neck and head felt better than they had in months and I had absolutely no headaches (a daily occurrence)!

Additional benefits:

I completely lost my desire for sweets, breads and desserts. Heart palpitations which I’ve had for years that had increased quite a bit in the last few months, greatly reduced in number and occurrence (1-2x/day for very brief periods).

While I don’t want to get too personal, I have to mention this as so many Americans today have poor elimination, constipation and IBS. My elimination improved tremendously: much more regularity, more complete elimination, no cramping (unless eating too much at one meal), and little to no odor!

I had no heartburn and I was able to eat smaller, more nutrient-dense meals 2-3x/day. I wasn’t hungry as often. To be honest, stopping for meals/eating can be a nuisance and inconvenience. I definitely am not one who “lives to eat”, although I certainly enjoy God’s blessing of good, healthy, tasty, nutritious food!

In short, I felt like my body was starting to become much more efficient by not eating as often and eating smaller meals.

I noticed it has affected my attitude in a positive way and I don’t feel as depressed as I had been (pain and certain foods can absolutely affect mood). My workouts have gotten better and my strength has increased. And although I still have some dizziness, it too has improved.

I knew that I would obviously lose some weight while on this regimen, but the majority of it was body fat. I lost only 5.5 lbs total, while simultaneously losing nearly 2 inches on my waist and getting more defined. Finishing weight: 162.5 lbs. Waist: 32 ¾”.

Did it work? I think the results speak for themselves. But honestly, only time will tell if it was a temporary improvement or if it has started a process of permanently enhancing my health (I tend to believe the latter).

Because of the success of this dietary regimen. I’ve changed many of my food choices and my lifetime goals. I’d like to stay very close to the way I’ve been eating by limiting greatly my starch and sugar consumption, and staying 90-95% organic. This may be difficult when eating out, but I will be much more discerning about my food choices when I do eat out, which probably won’t be very often (I almost feel like going to most restaurants today is a self-inflicted poisoning)!

Thank you for sharing and “liking” the enclosed information.

Until next time, I remain yours in good health!

Dr. Mike