SUPPLIFY! Organic/Wildcrafted Superfood Vitamin/Mineral Supplement Now With Organic Wild Blueberry!

Supplify – an extraordinary blend of 100% organic/wild-crafted superfoods with no synthetics

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Supplify®!      NOTE: Due to COVID and the recent difficulty of obtaining ingredients, there may be delays in shipment

YOUR New and Only Supplement. I guarantee this is what you  have wanted and been looking for in a comprehensive daily supplement.


You’ve been frustrated and ultimately disappointed looking for and trying every multi-nutrient supplement available for you and your family’s health, but had to settle…, until now!

Supplify is a complete, all-in-one, TRUE ORGANIC superfood, multi-nutrient vitamin/mineral carbon-bonded detox formula with BLACK FULVIC ACID!   Click HERE to read about the necessity of Fulvic Acid in Supplements.

Superfood is a buzz word that is being increasingly and “falsely” used by many supplement companies. However, it’s important that you know what it really means:

  • Superfood – definition: a superfood means the nutrient value is many more times the nutritional value of conventional food. Most foods are not superfoods, and if a company is claiming superfoods in their product, but they are not organic, they are absolutely NOT superfoods.

After years of researching, sourcing, calculating, and listening to many of you who have been begging me for a REAL multi-nutrient, superfood, organic/wild-crafted supplement that contains NO synthetic ingredients, preservatives, or fillers of any kind, is not primarily water, and contains amazing cleansing/detox/health properties; I’ve put the final touches on my very own superfood supplement. Introducing Supplify®!

My desire has always been to design and formulate something that far surpassed anything anyone has ever seen, heard, read about or used in a vitamin-mineral supplement and…I believe I’ve done it!

Your current supplement may be ok, but Supplify® is hands-down SUPERB!  – all the health benefits you’ve seen in the best supplements on the market presently, but…taken to a much, much higher level of effectiveness, purity and convenience! It’s a beautiful symphony of nutrients; truly the Rolls Royce of vitamin mineral supplements!

In addition to a healthy diet, there will be no more need to take dozens of extra vitamin supplements (unless you want to). No more need for different products for children, adults and separate minerals! You’ll get them all-in-one. You’ll be able to take it anywhere without worry about refrigeration or how you’re going to get a big bottle on a plane because this is a powder. It won’t expire in several months and you’ll be able to mix it with any of your favorite beverages! I absolutely love it in a fruit smoothie with banana, blueberries and strawberries or pineapple. Yum! In fact, I love the taste and results so much, I go to bed thinking about my next morning’s Supplify® smoothie!

Truly Unique: 

This is an exciting project and one that almost no one in the United State supplement industry does: create their own supplement from absolute scratch. 99% of ALL supplements sold have all or part of their formulation outsourced and many don’t even know what exactly is in it. In addition, almost all of them contain synthetic or contaminated ingredients, most coming from China (even if they claim “manufactured in the U.S.”!).

Since I sourced all the ingredients myself, I was not going forward unless I could find the absolute cleanest, purest, organic/wild-crafted superfoods to put in my supplement. I have spent many, many months and hundreds of hours putting this together (again, no one else does this) to bring you, what I hope will be, the best multi-nutrient supplement on the planet!

Note: Supplify® is classified and labeled as a “Vegan” supplement, even though it contains honey from bees. However, there are many vegans who do like and consume raw honey for its incredible health benefits.

It’s All About Marketing…

In the supplement industry, there’s a lot of mediocrity (and a lot of deception). Yet, you can take a so-so, mediocre supplement and, as long as you market it right, make it “appear to be” the end all, “cure all” of vitamin/mineral supplements. It’s just downright wrong…

Since I answer to a higher authority, I wanted to make the best formulation in existence; ethically, honestly, sparing no expense, and putting together the perfect blend of organic/wild-crafted superfoods with REAL organic vitamins and minerals including all the data to back it up. Not hype, not wild claims, just fact, with real, solid, nutrient-dense food in a supplemental form WITHOUT ANY SYNTHETICS WHATSOEVER!

Warning: there are a lot of “weasel words and phrases” used in supplement marketing: “proprietary”, “made from real food”, “contains organic ingredients”, “blank….Technology”, etc. Be careful when you see them. I mean, even pharmaceutical drugs can be synthesized from “real foods” (plants).  But, they are extracts that are processed and changed in such a way that even the body doesn’t recognize them as food and really doesn’t know what to do with them, which in the long run can actually be harmful.

You’re getting real organic superfoods when you purchase Supplify! I’ve done the comparisons of dozens of so-called organic and natural supplements and found…there IS NO comparison. It’s not even close! Supplify® stands head and shoulders above them all! I’ll even issue the following challenge: send me the label or website page of any single multi-nutrient supplement you are interested in or presently taking and I guarantee I will be able to point out its weaknesses and why Supplify® is so much better OR your first order is FREE! I’ve already started with several popular supplements and found multiple deficiencies with them.

Additionally, so you know exactly what you’re getting in Supplify!, I’ve got tons of information on somahealth.net on the individual ingredients that I personally hand-sourced and combined for this one-of-a-kind health formulation.  It contains 34  organic/wildcrafted SuperFoods, including the vitamins and minerals. For a complete breakdown of the ingredients and benefits click here: Supplify®

It’s been tested thoroughly by a third party lab and passed all tests with flying colors. It also has its own certificate of analysis (COA) from the same lab and is now ready for you and your family. I also guarantee it to be the best supplement you can find or your money back! Click on the link for the Certificate of Analysis: Supplify COA

AND…you’ll be getting a LOT more nutrition for the money. For example, after some research, discovered that most liquid supplements contain up to 97% water and only 3% dissolved solid nutrients. Supplify, on the other hand, has 1 full pound of ingredients in it’s 16 ounce resealable, stand-up, eco-friendly pouch with a daily dose of only 1.5 tablespoons (about 3/4 of an ounce)! That’s how nutritionally dense and concentrated the nutrition is in Supplify®!

You don’t have to settle any longer when it comes to your or your family’s health. Supplify® provides all that you have been looking for in a vitamin/mineral formula including 75 organic trace minerals and excellent detox capabilities!  I absolutely guarantee this will be your go-to supplement!

Note: For those concerned about Natto, a soy-based ingredient, click here  and put your mind at ease!

Directions and Serving Size

Take any time of day, with or without food. Best to take 1 hour away from other supplements and/or medications.
Recommended: take 6 days/week with 1 day off.
Adults: 1 scoop/day = 18g (just over 1.5 tbspn, or .63 oz); children over 4 years: 1/2 scoop = 9g in 8 or more ouces of your favorite beverage or smoothie.  Adults can take up to 1 scoop 2x/day if desired.
Servings per pouch: 26 (1 month supply when taken as directed)


Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends and clients!

Yours in health,

Dr. Mike/SomaHealth


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