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Choosing a progesterone cream should be simple. You want the most progesterone for your money. But most progesterone creams try to hide this deciding factor and instead draw attention to their herbal additives and big claims instead. The other factor in buying a cream is how your skin reacts to it. There are some creams than can cause burns or itchy skin for some people.

             How do you choose a progesterone cream?


The very best way to enhance absorption is to include as much Vitamin E as can be tolerated. This is because Vitamin E dissolves progesterone and thus increase absorption. Almost nothing else holds progesterone like Vitamin E. Emerita and Ona’s Natural are examples of creams that have plenty of Vitamin E. Many cream companies don’t bother with Vitamin E or use synthetic.


So many customers ask where is the progesterone from, Soy or Yam? But actually it doesn’t matter if you are avoiding soy. The production of progesterone from Soy takes many chemical steps, each purifying and removing impurities. It is very unlikely any soy proteins would make it through those steps. Ona’s Natural only uses Yam based progesterone produced in the United States.

Soy is more of a problem if the cream contains Vitamin E which is usually derived from soybean oil. Ona’s Natural uses sunflower based Vitamin E, which is most expensive Vitamin E than can be bought.


Micronized means the progesterone is ground to an ultra fine powder which allows better absorption through the skin. Most American made progesterone is ground to the highest quality. Watch out for progesterone bought from China. Chinese progesterone is not ground as fine and will not absorb as well. But some progesterone cream companies can’t resist the cheap Chinese progesterone.


Progesterone creams more often than not contain some kind of fragrance. But the chemicals to make the smells are always irritating to the skin, in some a lot more than others.


How much progesterone is in a cream is the hardest thing to find out sometimes. One cream on my list never lists the progesterone quality and all online questions are not answered. My comparison table at the bottom of this page clearly lays out the progesterone content of each cream. This along with price can be the deciding factor in getting the most cream for you dollar.

When it comes to progesterone concentration, most creams are below 2% progesterone or 25 mg progesterone per quarter tsp. If a cream does not say it’s percentage progesterone, assume around 2%. The concentration of progesterone is not uniform as can be seen by my comparison list below.

Higher concentrations of progesterone causes greater skin absorption. Only a few creams go above this 2% progesterone concentration and are often the best deal. Ona’s Natural progesterone is the most concentrated of any online progesterone cream at 10% progesterone. This is normally only available by prescription which really means an HMO will pay for it because it is considered effective.





Ona’s Natural 10% Progesterone Cream – 4 oz Jar 

  • Concentrated progesterone cream 5 x Stronger.
  • Soy, GMO and Fragrance Free.
  • Healthy and natural preservative: Elderberry Extract.
  • Contains the highest concentration of 10% Natural Progesterone sold in the over-the-counter market.
  • Menopause & Perimenopause Support.
  • ​This is a Vitamin E based 10% Progesterone Cream.
  • The Vitamin E molecules are small enough to penetrate the outermost layers of the skin bringing the dissolved progesterone molecules in.
  • Vitamin E gives skin a firmer, plumper look, which can play a significant role in reducing the appearance of many fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Rubbing the cream on age spots will also help them to fade naturally, as it helps to repair damage caused by exposure to the sun.
  • The Vitamin E has the ability to benefit almost every area of the body when it comes to looking younger and helping the skin retain its moisture, elasticity, and health.


  • 1 ml contains 100 mg Bioidentical Progesterone and 25 IU Vitamin E.
  • 1/4 tsp contains 125 mg Progesterone and 31 IU Vitamin E.
  • The jar contains 11360 mg Progesterone and 2840 IU Vitamin E.

Ingredient Facts

  • 10% Natural USP Progesterone.
  • Purified water – Healthier and safer for your body.
  • Fractionated Coconut oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride) – Improves mineral absorption as well as protein and fat metabolism.
  • .Glycerine – Hydrates and soothes the skin.
  • 5% Natural Vitamin E (Tocopherol) – Provides many health benefits for the skin as a strong Vitamin E cream
  • Olivate/sorbitan olivate
  • Xanthan gum
  • Aspen bark extract

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