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NAC: Severe Cases COVID-19
Clinicians writing in the British Medical Journal alerted the medical community that “a distinctive feature of COVID-19 is the presence of mucus plugs in the respiratory tract that explain the severity of this disease… we recommend treatment with NAC to relieve bronchial obstruction.”
This shows that NAC addresses both the severely infected as well as the vulnerable uninfected individuals.
NOTE: COVID-19 vaccines aren’t initially intended to save lives or prevent disease and are experimental.
The vaccines are merely intended to establish a reduction in symptoms only. In other words, these vaccines don’t have to prove they save lives or even prevent infection to gain licensure, as long as they reduce severity of symptoms. However, even this seems to be lacking effectiveness.

NAC: Implied effectiveness

Based upon a study published in 1997 showing 600 milligrams of oral NAC reduced flu symptoms from 79% to 25% in virus-infected subjects, NAC was recently suggested for use with COVID-19 infected patients.
A report published in the journal Therapeutics & Clinical Risk Management proposes 600 milligrams/day of NAC would prevent COVID-19, particularly for health care workers who are repeatedly exposed to infected patients, says a report in Future Microbiology.
Published studies also point to NAC as an effective antidote to vaccine side effects as well as being an immune booster.
Several scientific reports are coming to the conclusion “the oral administration of NAC is likely to attenuate (reduce) the risk of developing COVID-19.” Numerous clinical trials are underway to sort out NAC’s ability to quell COVID-19 coronavirus infection.

NAC addresses spike protein

NAC actually addresses the spike protein that is causing all the lung damage in COVID-19 this is explained and demonstrated eloquently in a report published in Circulation Research of April 2021 regardless of viral strain.

Safety profile

NAC works with minimal side effects when properly dosed. There is no disagreement that NAC is remarkably safe.
To withdraw NAC from the open marketplace while thousands of people are hospitalized and many are dying, seems unconscionable, but that is what the FDA is trying to do. NAC may not be available in the near future as several large distributors have stopped carrying it and banned its resale.
In a sane and truly caring world, there would be an emergency use provision for NAC to quell the current COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, we’re seeing quite a few proven natural treatments, like Vitamin D, C, and Zinc, either being suppressed by the mainstream media, politicians and medical mafia or being criticized. I don’t know about you, but I believe this is irresponsible, criminal, unethical, uncaring and a violation of the Hippocratic oath.
Consumers might want to purchase a bottle of NAC for health security reasons while they are still on store shelves.

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