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IntraKID and Your Child’s Nutritional Needs

Hello again everyone!

In my last, recent newsletter, I mentioned how we’ve seen an alarming increase in auto-immune disease, cancers and other ailments in our children that were unheard of a generation or two ago.

I’d like to comment a bit more on the alarming and disturbing trend of horrible food choices that schools and even parents are offering to American’s youth and what to do about it.

For children, the period between infancy up to age 13 is the this is the time when most nutritional patterns are forged and pave the way for continued eating habits throughout life.


Unfortunately, our country is continuing to decline in overall health and it’s becoming increasingly noticeable with our children. Many health experts conclude (and I agree with them), that this is primarily due to toxins and our poor diets.


We have to become proactive and our goal should be to start reversing the awful eating patterns that children today have been brainwashed to follow. We especially need to start protecting our young ones from the overwhelming barrage of poor nutritional advice and advertising in this fast-food world of ours.


Our task begins with educating our young in making healthy choices in both foods and supplementation and making sure they know why it’s so important.


As mentioned in my last newsletter, the medical community is one of the LAST places to ask for nutritional advice. Rather, you should seek out those who DO have a good nutritional background and education. Most Alternative Health Care Providers have this kind of experience and knowledge, and also tend to have a handle on current nutritional issues.

As important as avoiding the wrong foods and eating the right foods is, it’s simply not enough. A point we must stress continually is that today’s foods, even naturally grown foods, are lacking in vital minerals and vitamins due to over-processing, over-farming, soil depletion and the widespread use of pesticides.


Moreover, when are children do become ill, rather than helping them naturally, we’re loading them up with prescription drugs or OTC medications which, not only have harmful short and long term side-effects, but also may be responsible for some of the increasing autoimmune and cognitive disorders we are seeing today!

It is absolutely essential that young children be on excellent nutritional supplementation with a proper and complete combination of vitamins and minerals.

The best supplements must have the proper balance of nutrients to work synergistically – certain vitamins and minerals work cooperatively in different metabolic pathways in our cells and tissues. Correcting a deficiency of only one vitamin may cause a deficiency in other areas. The right nutritional supplements can help children build stronger bones, prevent and shorten colds and improve their overall health and well being.


If you don’t already know, Drucker Labs has, what I and many other alternative health care practitioners consider, the finest vitamin and mineral supplement on the planet for children up to 13 years of age: intraKID.


The folks at Drucker Labs have eliminated all the confusion about what kind of supplements to give your children by combining the best of the best in one superb and economical liquid organic vitamin/mineral supplement.


Containing trace minerals, vitamins and other nutrients into a great-tasting raspberry formula, intraKID supports a number of health cares for children, including:

  • Solid Nutritional Foundation
  • Neuro-Cognitive Brain Function
  • Digestion
  • Focus and Concentration
  • Mood Regulation
  • Sleep and Wake Cycle
  • Immune System Response
  • Respiratory Support
  • Growth and Development
  • Sugar Control

What makes intraKID Unique?


A serious review of what is available for children’s supplements today reveals some startling problems. Much of what is available is synthetic, contains preservatives and large amounts of sugar. What they don’t contain are adequate amounts of nutrients.


intraKID is a completely 100% carbon-bonded organic, liquid supplement that contains: NO additives, NO caffeine, NO gluten, NO wheat, NO dairy, NO corn, NO yeast, NO soy, NO animal products, NO excipients, binders or fillers.


I’m certain you all have friends or relatives whose children are continually sick, always on medications, and are simply not eating well. I urge you to forward this newsletter to them; to share the information about a product that can make a significant difference in their young lives!


Thank you sincerely for allowing me to share this important information regarding children’s nutrition this month.

Until next time, I remain yours in good health!

Dr. Mike