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Intermittent Fasting: For Health, Weight Control and Feeling Good!

INTERMITTENT FASTING - A NEW (OLD) APPROACH TO INCREDIBLE HEALTH, PROPER WEIGHT AND LONGEVITY! Hello Everyone! I'd like to share some information and propose a "new" way of eating, that actually is an old way of eating. When it comes to eating, I believe we've been conned! Over the years we've been fed quite a few servings of "baloney" about how many calories one should eat to maintain, lose or gain weight. We've also been misled as to the number of meals...
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Dr. Mike’s Whole30 Experiment

Wednesday 03/01/17  Dr. Mike's Whole30 Experiment Hi everyone! Today is day 1 of a 30 dietary experiment called "The Whole30".  It's a dietary plan originated and designed by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. It's gaining in popularity and is helping a lot of people with chronic health problem. It's similar to the diet I tried for 21 days in 2015, but more strict. Essentially, it's a means of "re-setting" the body by eliminating completely: all starches including grains, breads, pastas, etc.; no...
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