Some of the Amazing Health Benefits of Teasel Root

Teasel RootTeasel Root is a thistle plant that grows in Europe, Asia, the US, Canada, and other parts of the world with a moderate climate.

Teasel Root, Dipsacus Japonica, or Xu Duan as it’s called in Chinese Medicine has many health benefits… and teasel root has been used for hundreds of years.

Traditional Chinese Medicine – In TCM teasel root is thought to bring about good health and tone to the liver and kidneys. Teasel root is pungent, warm, and bitter and increases circulation, plus it’s great for building strong tendons and bones.

In TCM teasel root is sometimes used for a group of symptoms such as – depression, exhaustion, despair, no willpower, apathy, feeling empty inside, dizziness, ringing in the ears, poor memory, absent mindedness, and a weak and painful lower back.

It’s also taken internally to strengthen the knees and back and soothe away pain. Also helps with weak, sore, painful, and stiff muscles and joints… and has been used for treating broken bones by improving circulation.

Osteoporosis – In TCM teasel root is also used for treating osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Externally – Externally powder teasel root is used for pain, swelling, and inflammation of the skin and for open wounds.

Lyme Disease – Teasel root has been used to treat Lyme disease symptoms, and some find teasel root very important in their recovery from Lyme disease.

Antibiotic – Teasel root has antibiotic compounds that help to rid the body of bacterial invaders.

Bladder Infections – Teasel root has also been used for hundreds of years to treat bladder infections.

Eye Swelling – Teasel root has also been used for eye irritation and swelling.

Diuretic – Teasel root is a very good diuretic making it great for excess water weight.

Detoxing – Teasel root is a good detoxing agent for the liver and kidneys.

Astringent – Teasel root is a bitter astringent making it great for improving digestion and healing diarrhea.

Acne – An infusion of teasel leaves also works well for treating acne.

Inulin – Teasel root contains inulin which is very important for promoting probiotic growth in the colon.

Side Effects – To date there are no known side effects.