Dr. Mike’s Personal and Recommended Lyme Protocol

I’m excited to finally be able to offer to you the same products and protocol that have allowed me to recover almost fully from my Stage III Lyme disease.

For those of you who don’t know my story, it began back in 2006 after a severe bout with the flu (which I never get).  Even though Lyme can be contracted from non-vector means and many other biting insects, it’s most likely I did get it from a tick. I grew up in the N.J. pine lands and often was out in the woods; exploring, plinking, getting into trouble 🙂  And many times, I came back home covered in ticks.

It’s likely I was infected as a child and manifested small symptoms as an adult, but the flu set up an environment where I was so sick, the bacteria and co-infections flourished. Within days I developed many bizarre symptoms, the first of which was heart palpitations (at its peak I was having over 3,000 skipped beats a day)! Over the next few weeks to months I developed dozens of symptoms that affected every organ system in my body including my digestive system. In addition to brain fog, memory loss, rashes, the heart palpitations, weakness, etc., I developed candida, leaky gut and an inability to absorb nutrients. At 6’ tall, I went from about 185lbs. down to nearly 130lbs. in a matter of months. I was getting worse and worse and began making out my will.

That’s when I came across intraMAX and it was the first and only product at the time that started to turn my health around. As a Christian, I give all glory to God as the Great Physician and healer. But, we must remember, He also uses means. Therefore by specific supplementation and a complete change to a mostly vegetarian, organic diet, I was able to almost fully recover from my Lyme.

The question always comes up – am I cured from the Lyme? The jury is still out as to whether or not one can be completely cured from a chronic case of Lyme disease. However, I do believe one can stop its progress, keep it in check and continue to improve.  Just like cancer (which is also an autoimmune disease), beating Lyme disease holistically takes a total commitment and lifestyle change, but it appears to be much more effective than the current medical route of prescription medications.

What worked/is working for me:

First of all – Food: Eating clean! This is the MOST important part of the Lyme protocol. This means little to no gluten (grains, breads, pastas), no refined sugars (desserts, junk food, processed foods), little to no meat (if meat is consumed, it should be in moderation, not over-cooked and should be clean – pastured-raised with no hormones, antibiotics, etc.), and a lot of steamed and raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and some Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon (1-2x/week).   Vegetable and fruit smoothies are still a big part of my daily diet.

Food – I’d like to stress something very important. The recommended calorie requirements for height and weight for men and women are too high! No one should be eating more than 1800-2000 calories a day unless they are high-endurance athletes who burn thousands of calories a day from their activities. Most Americans consume between 3000 and 4000 calories a day and we wonder why nearly 70% of the population is either overweight or obese!  I personally try to keep my calorie consumption between 1200 and 1600 calories a day. If one is eating nutrient dense foods, then excess calories are not necessary. In fact, I’ve read stories of men, bodybuilders even, who eat 1 meal a day and only consume between 1,000 to 1,500 high nutrient calories a day. They look great, feel great and are very healthy. I also had a friend from India who works out regularly and only eats 1 meal a day in the late afternoon.  Ok, on to the protocol…


That’s it! It’s simple, and for me and others, very effective.  If you’re suffering from digestive issues, you may want to supplement with additional probiotics and/or digestive enzymes (coming soon)!

My advice always is to start slow with 1 or 2 supplements and half the recommended dosage initially. See how your body tolerates it. If you have any detox reactions and then as your tolerance increases, you can ramp up slowly on the amount and number of supplements until you are taking exactly the amount that works best for you. If you start feeling poorly after a few weeks and you are increasing your dosage, it may be too much. Just back off and then slowly increase again until you reach the recommended daily dosages.

I can’t give you each specific protocols because it is a very individualized thing and everyone responds differently. So, please don’t ask. However, I can tell you my personal Lyme protocol and one that I’ve recommended to many others.

Dr. Mike’s Personal Lyme Supplement Protocol:

This is how I personally do it:

1 ounce of intraMAX in the morning and 1 ounce of intraMIN in the afternoon, 1-2 oz MesoSilver/day with 2-3 drops of Samento (TOA-free Cat’s Claw), 2-3 drops of Oregano Oil 2x/day (please see the product page for safety recommendations), and 5 drops of Teasel Root in water 2-3x/day. I do rotate some of the supplements taking them every other day depending on how I feel, but it seems to work very well. One has to find out the right balance for his/her own individual needs.

Again, it is recommended to start off SLOWLY with 1 or 2 products at half or less of the recommended dosage, ramp up the dosage and add products over a period of a few days to a couple of weeks to test your tolerance.

Important Note: If you are suffering from a methylation pathway defect (known as MTHFR) as many people are, your ability to detox, like mine is greatly impaired. Therefore it is even more important to start SLOWLY and increase dosages SLOWLY as well.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.