Founder – Dr. Michael Roth

Dr. Mike founded SomaHealth, Inc. in 2008 to provide for and educate the public regarding health and offer the best nutritional supplementation. He has been heavily involved in health care for over 35 years overcoming many of his own personal health struggles.

After graduating from chiropractic school in the mid 80’s, he ran a successful practice before branching out into the retail supplement arena using his many years of education and experience to offer & help formulate exceptional products that are safe and effective. He has always embraced these important ideals:

 – Provide only the best possible products from the world’s finest natural ingredients to improve health.
 – Value and embrace good and honest business practices.
 – Honor God by serving people the best way possible.

There’s a tremendous amount of misinformation and deception regarding nutritional supplements. For example, there are many products labeled as “organic” and “natural” that contain mostly synthetic, artificial ingredients, fillers and excipients which can actually cause more harm than good!

In addition to the best supplementation, it’s vital to reduce and eliminate toxins that we are exposed to every day including heavy metals, graphene oxide, and chemicals such as glyphosate (a toxin used throughout the world as a pesticide on conventionally grown foods). SomaHealth, Inc. offers some of the best detox products on the market.

Dr. Mike has written peer-reviewed scientific papers, webinars, and been a guest speaker on several popular online health shows including: Sons of Liberty Media, America’s Frontline Doctors, and Going Integrative.
His videos and articles can be accessed here:

CEO – Bryan Adkison

Bryan became CEO of SomaHealth, Inc in late 2021 with interest in taking his experience in finance and ecommerce to grow its product lines and continue the original mission of the company.

Bryan has over 10 years in finance experience and over 5 years in ecommerce experience by growing his own online retail company.

With a growing interest in personal health involving all-natural products, Bryan is able to maintain a line of high quality products for SomaHealth, Inc. and provide opportunities for others to do the same.

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