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COVID-19 UPDATE 10/28/2020 (Opinion)

The media is responsible for one of the greatest frauds and tragedies in history, the COVID Pandemic. Almost everything that is being promoted by the mainstream media and online is being scripted, controlled and promoted for an agenda that is nefarious to say the least. The facts are being hidden such as, actual deaths from COVID are similar or even smaller than the seasonal flu. Which is why the focus is on CASES of COVID. There's absolutely no need to get tested. Re: the current test methods are flawed and will most likely show positives for a wide number of reasons too lengthy to go into.

Positive Cases are primarily meaningless. For example, if you've had a flu shot or been exposed to anyone who was sick (cold, flu, etc.) your body will develop healthy anti-bodies, as it was designed to do, and therefore will most likely show up as a "positive" on a COVID test. However, the current testing is highly erroneous. There's actually a huge multi-international lawsuit that started in Germany that shows the flaws of COVID testing and the extreme damage that lockdowns, closings, mask-wearing and fear-mongering have caused.

A Positive Case Story: A friend of my wife's developed some normal flu-like symptoms and went to get tested. They had a saliva test which was negative, they had a nasal swab; also negative. Yet, the doctors told them they were going to list them as positive for COVID because they had "symptoms"! No wonder the cases of COVID are increasing!! They are being falsely claimed and elevated. My friends, the number of COVID "CASES" is meaningless.

If we would simply stop reading about increasing cases or the media would simply stop reporting on COVID, the issue would cease to exist. It would be no different than any other year in which a season flu comes and goes. There are always serious illnesses and even deaths every year from the flu, even from colds! It's to be expected and almost always affects those whose health is already compromised in some way. 98-99% of all those who contract a flu recover and recover fully.

Please do not let the media and fear dictate your lives and take away your freedoms! Stop listening to the lies and panic-inducing headlines that are being used to promote an agenda that is based on controlling the populations and making trillions upon trillions of dollars for those who stand to benefit - the pharmaceutical companies and all those associated with them.

In truth and love,

Dr. Mike

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